Face Mask


For most of us, psoriasis, eczema and adult acne have made an appearance in our lives. You know it, the dry, flaky, inflamed skin… it isn’t my favourite topic of discussion, but living through years of Canadian winter can take it’s toll on our skin. Budhr Masks are made with 3 simple ingredients!

White Clay gently exfoliates, to unclog by drawing out oils and minimize pores. Silica rich Pink Clay works to improve skin elasticity and surface cell renewal. Combined with pure CBD for inflammation, simple solutions for burnt out, stressed skin.

Pink Clay is essential in this mix, perfect for dry, sensitive skin with anti-inflammatory properties. Cell renewal is encouraged by Silica, leaving a soft, balance complexation.

99.99% CBD isolate. That’s it.

30g – makes aprox 4-5 masks



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